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How to measure your size
If you can not find the right size, we offer tailored according to your size to order your dress.

Precautions during measurement:
1、Wearing bra and high heels when you measure.
2、Please stand upright, Relax & Do not hold your breath.
3、Units of measurement we are using cm, If you use inches, 1 inch= 2.54 cm。
4、When measuring the whole ring(for example Bust, Waistline, Hips, Neck), Put a finger close to the body, let the measuring tape close to the body.
5、Please provide actual measured data,Do not add any larger data.

6、If you have any questions about the measurement, please contact Miss Ding
   Line ID : kd32
  mail to: service@ord.com.tw

Content Standards Measurement:
There are two important basic point,
Shoulder point: Neck and shoulder intersection, see the picture
Waistline:Narrowest waist position,with a thin rope tied, as possible to maintain the level of rope, see the picture1 picture2
Neck Picture Surround neck ring.
Bust Picture Through the nipple and around the chest,as possible to maintain the level of rope.
Under bust Picture A week around the lower edge of the breast.
Waistline Picture1
Around the narrowest waist position,as possible to maintain the level of rope.
Hip Picture Around the hip,as possible to maintain the level of rope.
Chest high Picture From the point of shoulder to the nipple.
Breast distance Picture Distance between the nipple.
Chest width Picture About 9 cm above the nipple position,the distance between the two sleeve ring.
Frontal length Picture From the point of shoulder to the waist distance & through the nipple.
Shoulder Picture Measured from behind, find a joint position of the shoulder and hand, 2 side of the straight line distance
Back waist length Picture Distance from point of shoulder to the waist.
Shoulder point to hip Picture Distance from point of shoulder to hip.
Length dress Picture Starting from the shoulder point,through the nipple, to the position what you want.
To wear shoes when measuring
Collar height Picture The Height you want, general use 3cm~5cm.
Arm around Picture Find the thickest position of arm & around the circle
Sleeve length Picture From the shoulder joint, along the outside of the arm to the length of you want.
Height   Without shoes
Weight   Kg or Lb
If it is convenient, please provide a full-body picture of the standing, to be able to see the lines of the body。(Don't wear a coat)