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If there is a problem when filling in,please contact Miss Ding
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1.What fabric number you want is
2.What Collar Style number you want is
3.What Shoulder & Sleeve number you want is
4.What skirt number you want is
5.Additional notes
6.Standard size you want to make the S  M  L  XL  XXL

Customized size <How to measure your size>
If there are multiple lines in the picture, the red one is the marked line of the part。

Height  cm    
Weight  kg
Bust  cm    Picture
Under Bust cm    Picture
Waistline  cm    Picture1    Picture2
Hip  cm    Picture
Breast distance  cm    Picture
Chest width  cm    Picture
chest high  cm    Picture
Frontal waist length cm    Picture
Neck  cm    Picture
Collar high  cm    Picture
Shoulder  cm    Picture
Back width  cm    Picture
Back waist length cm    Picture
Arm around cm    Picture
Sleeve length  cm    Picture
Length dress  cm    Picture
Shoulder point to hip  cm    Picture
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