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Customized process description
Pick the materials and colors you want in the fabric district
Fabric classification is based on the material to distinguish,include Silkbrocade,Full Silk,Import fabrics & Blended fabric.
Lace material is a separate zone.
Pick a style in the style area
The style area is split into a collar and front style, the shoulders and sleeves change and the skirt changes.
Lace is classified in the lace dress area.
Measure your size
Please refer to the measurement method: How to measure your size
Fill in the order contents and send out(Fill in customized single)
We will reply to your customized content within 24 hours

.If there is no problem, we will send the bill to ask you to pay.
For customers paying abroad, we use Paypal to pay international payments.
You can pay by credit card or bank card on Paypal's platform.
Our only account on the Paypal platform is : kim_ding@ord.com.tw