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Order to buy spot goods on the website

Purchase process

1.Put the spot goods you want to buy into the shopping cart.
Press the checkout button
2.Please fill in your email address
3.Press next button
4.Confirm what you want to buy and fill in your information and recipient information
5.Please fill in the remarks field below If you need to modify or related matters.
6.Press the payment button

Your order information has been sent to our mailbox.
Please refer to the shipping cost to be sent overseas.

The site does not directly provide cash flow process.
We will collect money through the Paypal system.
You will receive a Paypal e-bill, please pay directly by credit card on Paypal.

We will ship on the next business day after receiving your payment.
If there is any problem in operation, please contact us.
Line ID:kd32
e-mail: service@ord.com.tw