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Customized matters needing attention
Make the best made in advance of the intended use of 1.5 months.
If you only have a short stay in Taiwan, you can make an appointment in advance.
We will try our best to match your time.

Styles and fabrics
You can choose combinations freely in our style area and fabric area,
If the style you want is not found on our website, Please send us the picture.
We will reply as soon as possible whether you can undertake the order
e-mail: service@ord.com.tw
Line ID: kd32

The measurement of cheongsam is more complicated.
If you are measuring by yourself,please be sure to read the measurement location description.

Down payment
A deposit of 1/2 of the total price will be received in advance when you confirm the order,the balance will be charged when you pick up the cheongsam.
Stores can pay with cash or credit card(VISA, Master card, AE, JCB)